Who is Griffin?

Griffin started his adventure as most pups do, happily living in a no-kill shelter.  Griffin was loved by all at the shelter. One day his parents found him online and decided they HAD to have him. Several months later they drove 2000 miles to Dallas and back to bring Griffin to his furever home. Since then, Griffin enjoys long walks, water fetching, and sleeping upside down while his parents shower him with love.

Tragedy Strikes:

One day, on a walk Griffin was taken down. Both of Griffin’s knees had ccl ruptures, meniscus damage and ACL tears. Rushing him to the emergency vet, his parents found out that it would cost thousands more than they could afford to save Griffin. Without intervention, he would have to be put down. Devastated, the family reached out with a go-fund-me page for medical expenses. Their needs were not met until an old friend of Griffin stepped up. This angel helped to get Griffin started back on his path to healing.

Long Road to Wellness:

After the surgery, Griffin was plagued with complications. He ended up with a staph infection and was in and out of the hospital for months before he was able to beat the infection and begin his physical therapy. His family pushed time, fluids, food, and encouragement until Griffin was back on his feet. Today, Griffin is still in therapy for his mobility, but he (and his family) have begun to understand there is a major need for assistance in ER vet costs and more affordable insurance options.

Griffin Greatness LLC is born out of love. Their hope, no one has to go through what Griffin went through alone. Offering ways to insure your pet is a great investment and Griffin has decided to help. Griffin Greatness is a storefront where people can purchase everyday items such as t-shirts, phone cases, laptop sleeves, pet products and more. The proceeds will then be used to fund emergency vet care and subsidize pet insurance and promote pet welfare and advocacy.  If you work with animals, at a doctor office or humane society, or are just a pet parent looking to protect your loved one Griffin Greatness is here to help. 



(and his pack of humans)