Thank you for supporting our mission for pets everyone!  Our website will be updating frequently to let you know what’s happening as we grow and implement our mission.

We bring art and fun designs printed on hundreds of super cool products that we all love and use. In the near future we will also be selling pet supplies that our pets love and use too!  We use a portion of our proceeds to help fund our mission for pets.  So shop in the confidence that we are on a mission and you are helping with that mission.

Promote pet health awareness

  • Run  PSA public service announcements to promote ER vet cost affordability, and advocate or provide access to pet insurance programs that are affordable for all.
  • Make contributions or provide assistance to pet causes, shelters and animal welfare organizations as our sales allow.  Please keep shopping.
  • Assemble and provide information, resources, links to valuable resources and information for pet owners.

Coming Soon 

Volunteer Contributor Program – you can sign up here

Many thanks to all the artists and photographers who have offered to help us pour our art and soul together into pet welfare.  Your artwork and photography directly supports our mission.  The program is under development but we plan on rolling it out in Q4 2021 this year.  We will soon begin a small beta test if you would like to be among our first artist and photographer supporters you can sign up here.

Affiliate Program – sign up here

Earn from our store to help pay for pet insurance and vet care.  Shop at the store, buy for yourself or gifts for others and earn toward helping you with the cost of owning a pet.  You will be provided with your own pet social media ads, banners and graphics.  Everyone you refer will be assigned to you ongoing and your network of friends or family or anyone else you referred who buys will all help you earn.  We want every pet everywhere to have comprehensive pet insurance, vaccinations, good food, treats, toys, and comfy beds too.  We want to help you do just that.  All pet owners and everyone who wants to help pets is encouraged to join our affiliate program.  We will soon begin a small beta test if you would like to be one of the first to participate you can sign up here.